Ines Calderon

Composer Inès started piano very early. Composed music for many documentaries on Canal Plus, Arte with his father Gérald Calderon and his brother Philippe Calderon. “I’m a fan of Lovecraft, I read her news regularly. In his stories, fear is often audible before being visual: chants, deaf beats from the bowels of the earth, cries […]

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Marc Charley, Réalisateur

Marc Charley

Director Marc Charley entered IDHEC (FEMIS) after high school. His graduation film La Transition d’Ulrich Zann  (broadcast on Canal Plus ) is adapted from a short story by HP Lovecraft. He has made several short films, most of which are inspired by Lovecraft’s universe: La Tombe, Le Train Spécial, La Grande Plongée (broadcast on Canal Plus) […]

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Alain Monclin

Director of photography Alain Monclin graduated from Ecole Nationale Louis Lumière (known as Vaugirard). He is the author of the book Optique et prises de vues,  Femis 1995   He co-directed the cinematography department of La Femis from 1994 to 2004. He has made institutional films, scientific documentaries, advertising and short films. He received the […]

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