H.P. Lovecraft

Who is H.P. Lovecraft ?

By Gilles Menelgano Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s (1890-1937) literary status has evolved from that of amateur journalist and pulp writer to that of canonical writer, as illustrated by the recent publication of his work in the prestigious Library of America collection. His fiction includes an onirico-poetic vein inspired by Lord Dunsany and culminating in the Kadath […]

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Humor and Winks

Grotesque and serious stories. Lovecraft is too often perceived as a neurotic, misanthrope, unhappy, racist writer … and his stories to harrowing and dark atmospheres. This overlooks his many friends wo were amateur writers in very American clubs such as «Amateur Journalism». His enormous correspondence is a proof of that. This also overlooks Lovecraft’s playfulness […]

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La Nouvelle Angleterre

New England

Cosmic regionalism, cities New England consists of six states in the northeastern United States of America (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire). It is the main theatre of the Lovecraftian fictions. This land is that of the first colonists. Its past nourished the tales of Lovecraft: the puritans, the witch hunt of Salem. […]

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